«Les Liberterres» follows the paths of 4 countrymen who backs, irrevocably, to the ways of the conventional agriculture. Rebellious and passionate, they resist all those who want to infringe on their freedom.


As a counterpoint, archives make the audience travel in black and white back to a time where Science, it was believed, was to save the world from hunger and malnutrition forever. Landscapes of Europe and Africa in the 4 seasons, touching and provoking characters, stories that cross to speak one and same language: the released land.


Directors: Paul-Jean Vranken and Jean-Christophe Lamy

Original soundtrack : Margaux Vranken

Recorded and mixed by Daniel Léon in studios Igloo (June 2014)

Musicians : Margaux Vranken (piano), Julien Delbrouck (bass clarinet),

Tom Bourgeois (saxophones), Victor Foulon (double bass), Fred Malempré (percussions)


Photos : © Jean-Christophe Lamy